CCMA –Litigation Cover


  • Consultation
  • Preparation
  • Litigation

As the CCMA is a free service for employees,  employers loose at the short end when they receive that CCMA referral form that the matter was referred to the CCMA whether it is referred as an unfair dismissal, unfair labour practice, organizational rights or any matter of an unknown nature that may vary from a dismissal to workplace conditions.

With a CCMA litigation retainer an employer are covered for unlimited representation and consultation by a Labour Attorney for a CCMA - Case.

Arbitrating a matter at the CCMA can take hours long and preparation for such a case can take hours and billed per hour it can be extremely costly for the unnecessary wait at the CCMA while employees receive a free service and employers have a legal duty to prove that each dismissal was both procedurally and substantially fair.

So, why not rather get a CCMA –litigation cover and know what the costs will be at the end of the day. 

Complete our CCMA Litigation Cover survey and we will let you know about what this service will cost you. 


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